Another record Christingle service

Christingle 2017 at Saint Laurence's

 a full church for Christingle

It's 4pm on Christmas Eve, a time when many cynics would say people are either finishing their shopping or sitting with their feet up. However, here in Measham, they came in record numbers to sing carols, have some pantomime fun with a simple message of peace, love and light in the birth of Jesus Christ and to share the joy of lighted Christingle oranges and wish each other a very merry Christmas. In many cases there were 3 generations of a family present. 250 adults enjoyed seeing the delight in the children's eyes with 140 Christingles being given out to children. The candles were lighted (again without incident), the church lights extinguished to give a magical atmosphere for the singing of Away in a Manger. A collecion was taken for the work of the Children's Society with those attending generously giving a record amount of over £450.

















2017 christingle







christingle 2017























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