The instant nativity play


We gathered at St Laurence's excited at the idea of becomng part of that first Christmas.Here are some photos to give you a taste:

       The great preparations. Who will be who?    


The angels get ready to take the good news to Mary and to  waiting shepherds

            The angel Gabriel tells Mary she is to have a baby, who will be called Jesus and is the Son of God.


Mary and Joseph then travel to Bethlehem where the baby is born in a stable:



Meanwhile, those angels are busy - telling the shepherds on the hillside all about Jesus' being born:


So they all go to Bethlehem to see the baby that the angels had told them about:

It's then the turn of the wise men to make a very long journey led by a star:


Finally all greet the new born baby Jesus


And we couldn't have done without those narrators!

The new born baby Jesus lies in a manger in a backyard stable, and he will change everything











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