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Saint Laurence Church, Measham                                                        Heritage

In addition to providing workshops during the renovation programme, it is intended to set up trails around the church for visitors of all ages to explain the heritage features of the church. As the building works centre on the windows, our interpretative work will also concentrate on the stained-glass in the church but will also look at other features of the building along with its history.

In the centre of the east end of the nave, above the altar, is a splendid 5 light window.

5 light window above the altar



close up of the main 5 light window










This window, installed i the early 20th century and made by Charles Powell, was erected in memory of John Hewetson, a long-serving vicar of the parish, and his wife by their children.

On either side there is a 3 light window, each erected in memory of well-known members of the local community. The windows depict Saint luke and Saint Patrick which befit the stories of the 2 families in question.

Stained glass St Luke's window                                                                                St Patrick window in the St Patrick chapel


The intricately patterned window in the south-east corner is dedicated to the Abney family who lived at Measham Hall, although the Hall has been long since demolished.

Abney Window in the south-east corner

Elsewhere in the church are examples of medieval glass, some in colourful but random patterns, others containing recognisable motifs and shields.

medieval glass with alpha and omega motifs                                    randomly patterned medieval glass

A colourful modern rose window lies somewhat hidden away in the north-east corner.

modern rose window

Inside the church there are also a war memorial, commemorating those who fell in the 2 world wars, and a hand-written role of honour listing all those who served in the 1914 - 1918 conflict.


         war memorial 1914 - 1918 Roll of Honour



Other features in the church are the font, the Eagle Lectern, the Churchwardens' Chest and the mining memorial. There is also a plaque erected in memory of a former Headmaster of the village school. The church has an active bell tower with a set of 8 bells.

Our proposal is to produce a new guide book and upgrade the church's website in order to enhance the visitor experience. It is planned to arrange workshops (stonework and stained glass) during the delivery phase and to make the church available for groups of visitors such as schools, history and photography societies, offering guides where necessary or requested.

Where possible, the visitor would be able to access further information and the stories behind some of the features through their mobile phones.








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