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Christmas Eve at St Laurence's

Christmas  Eve at St Laurence's

We're nearly there for the wondeful celebration of Christmas and the joy of Jesus' birth.

So, Christmas Eve at 4 p.m. is Christingle

 Come early for a good seat. It's a wonderful time and many say that this service marks the start of the 'real Christmas' for them. There will be carols, the story of Jesus being born, some thinking time and then that moment when all the candles are lit and we sing 'Away in the manger'. And it all lasts about 45 minutes.

Christmas Eve at 11.30pm: Midnight Communion

That special time in the darkness of the late evening when we go again to Bethlehem and visit the baby Jesus.

Christmas Day at 9.30 a.m. at Holy Trinity Church, Normanton-le-Heath

A service for all ages to greet Christmas Day - it's a united servcie so no service at St Laurence's itself.