Hello from Skipton - From Vivien

                                                                       Thank you from North Yorkshire

Well I am in Skipton and have been here just over a week. This is a short note for now but more to follow. I can’t concentrate at present on anything so brevity is the order of the day.

I want to say a thank you for the very generous farewell gifts I have received. The TV works fine and here is a pic. 


So far I haven’t tackled the garden at all so garden tools are still in pristine condition.                       



I am concentrating on getting the house straight for now.


As I saw my stuff being loaded at Measham into the removal lorry, I had the sinking feeling it was never going to fit this end. Much is still sitting in the garage and here is an idea of what it looks like now.        A week a go, the boxes filled the whole space so I have done a lot of sorting.

The house is looking like mine but I have had to be stern with myself: I am now familiar with the local tip and charity shops as I downsize. That said, there is still much to spend money on and your gifts will be put towards curtains, gate to keep the future dog in the garden and more!

Skipton itself is lovely and less than 10 minutes walk to the centre from my house. Will explore further afield in due course, when hopefully I may have a four-legged companion (I have feelers out). In the meantime, I do take time to enjoy my new garden from a seated position.

Thank you again and thanks for the many cards I received for my retirement and ‘new home’

My love to you all,

Vivien (September 2021)