Jubilee Fun

Jubilee Fun Afternoon

Fine weather, lots of friendly faces, children having fun, parachuting Teddy Bears (and other animals).

Teddy bear parachuting 

A perfect recipe for a good time and to celebrate a special occasion. Saint Laurence’s started a long weekend of fun-filled family activities in Measham on Thursday afternoon (2nd June). Well over 50 cuddly toys were brave enough to have a parachute fitted, then to be hoisted up the church tower, finally to be launched into space. Most sailed gracefully to the ground, some even achieving a very soft landing on the church lawn. One decided to fly off target into a neighbour’s garden, but was quickly recovered without damage. Many decided to have a second go, or even a third. All received a Certificate of Bravery and a medal.

There were craft activities for the children, a bouncy castle, also for the children and welcome drinks and cakes for everyone. After two years of a pandemic and in the midst of a cost of living crisis, it was rally good to see so many smiley faces.

large Teddy parachuting