Oakthorpe School Harvest Festival


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Oakthorpe School Harvest Festival

It was great to welcome Oakthorpe School children, staff and parents to the church this morning (13th October). This was the first school visit to the church since the start of the pandemic So it was great to have a church full of young people. And what a treat it was to hear the children sing and recite for the adults!

Each class in turn read a Harvest piece from the front of church and each piece was interspersed with a Harvest song. The general theme was ‘Thank you for the Harvest’. The final song was ‘Thank you Lord for this new day’ and was sung very enthusiastically by children and staff together. Revd Wilma Colley closed the service with a short address about caring for each other and the world followed by a prayer.

A big thank you to everyone involved for the hard work in preparing the service, learning the songs and looking so happy to be giving thanks. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the end of term for a Christmas service.

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