Saints Alive

This enquirer's course is for all those who'd like to brush up on their knowledge of the Christian Faith, but also for those who'd like to explore the Christian Faith. It's also the appropriate course for any who would like to be baptised or confirmed and so become fuller members of the church.

The course caters for absolute beginners through to those who have been in the church all their life.

The course runs for 6 weeks and is expected to start in January. Meetings will be held at the Vicarage. The course will be led by the vicar, Vivien Elphick. Please telephone Vivien on (01530) 270354 for further details or to book a place on the course. A time will then be chosen which is most suitable for those who want to attend.

There will also be an opportunity for teenagers to have their own course - again please telephone Vivien if you're interested.

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