Easter at Saint Laurence's

Easter Message from  our Curate, Linda

Dear All,

Alleluia, Christ is risen! Christians reply, “He is risen indeed!” But does anyone ever stop and think what that might mean for us as individuals?

As I sit writing this the weather outside my window keeps changing. One moment the sun is shining and the warmth and light filters through onto me, the next there is a blizzard of snow and it goes cold and dark. As you read this we have just celebrated Easter and I’m reminded of the change in the mood of the crowd, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, and then onto the reaction of the disciples and the women at the tomb on Easter Day. What starts as shouts of joy and praise as Jesus rode into Jerusalem, turns to jeers and cries for his crucifixion, and then back to tears of joy for his friends as they realize what he told them has come true. For Jesus’ friends and disciples It must have felt like they had walked through sunshine as they had rejoiced in his coming, blizzards as they despaired on Good Friday, and then into the tentative warmth of spring as the sun begins to break through once again.

Jesus died so that we could have new life, a new beginning, where the wrongs of the world are forgiven. We might find ourselves questioning this when we turn on the news each day and see all the things that are still going on, the hurt and pain inflicted on many, by the powerful, rich, and controlling people we find in our midst.  Yet Jesus does offer us a new life, he teaches us a new way of being, a way of living as one together. With Jesus our slates are wiped clean and there are no conditions to that offer. Where else do we get that promise?

In our world we often hear that someone will be given a second chance, a fresh start. Does it happen? Well yes, but only until they make another mistake and then out comes the list of previous wrong doings. God doesn’t work like that, he sent his Son to earth to die for us so that we might be saved and have that fresh start, that new beginning. He offers us that chance, knowing that we will continue to make mistakes and ‘get it wrong,’ but he does it because he loves us.

So what might it mean to us to live in Jesus’ resurrected light, to have that new beginning? It means we are loved and accepted for who we are, that we have in Jesus a friend who wants to be part of our lives. It doesn’t mean we won’t face the blizzards of life but rather that Jesus will face them with us and that as the sun will surely follow the storm, so hope follows despair.

As you emerge from Easter into the fullness of Spring, where the clocks have gone forward and the days are getting longer, stop and look at the new life bursting forth around you. May you experience the wonder of it, and the joy and colour it brings to our world and lives, and know that Jesus offers us the same in our lives.

Linda Cox

Linda's message echoes the tone of much of our teaching this Easter. After the well-attended Lent Course where we looked at ways to read the scriptures through fresh eyes, we were encouraged through the messages, sermons and talks in church to be a part of the changes which must come through a closer acquaintance with Jesus, the need for a renewal, both for ourselves as individuals and also for our church.

Hallelujah, He is Risen!



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