The Bible in a Year

Cover to Cover


Ready, Steady, Go!               Now well into the first lap!

A group of more than 40 from the Woodfield Team, including a sizeable number from St. Laurence's, has undertaken to read the whole Bible in 2013. Following a guided course, 'cover to cover complete', and starting with the Creation, we're taking a manageable chunk each day to read and think about.

This particular 'course' sets the Bible in chronological order, which, although perhaps causing some initial confusion, makes some sense. In this way, Job has been placed in the same time period as Genesis and genealogies from both Genesis and Chronicles appear together. A time line helps to put things into a more 'global' context; e.g. it seems that Abraham arrives on the scene later than the age of the Pyramids but at about the same time as the Bronze Age was starting in Britain.

To help us along with what, at times, might become a chore, there is an online forum for posting comments about a particular reading, and an option to reply to such postings, leading to frank and helpful discussions. We're also able to encourage each other in person, or in small groups. There will be group meetings as well during the year to share views, chat about difficulties and to keep things moving.


the 'cover to cover' Bible


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