Mary and Joseph on the way

 Mary and Joseph are on their journey to Bethlehem. They set out on the way on November 30th (Advent Sunday)



 Here's an extract from their diary 

December 24th

Mary and Joseph arrived safely at Bethlehem (n church) ready for Jesus to be born. The donkey had got very lame though.

December 21st

We were collected from church and taken to Uplands Road by a very excited young girl.  She played with us all and was rather concerned that donkey had a stick that poked out of his leg occasionally. She pushed it back in and hoped it didn't hurt donkey too much.  We sat in the window next to a small Christmas tree and watched the world go by.  When it had gone dark we were taken up to the little girls bedroom and she wanted to cuddle us in bed to keep us warm.  Poor donkey had to sit on the bedside table just in case the stick poked out of his leg again. We had chips and some delicious homemade curry sauce for supper followed by a nice hot cup of tea.  Donkey had some carrots.



December 20th

Listen to what the donkey has to say: "I’ve had a rough year. A bad and cruel owner…..I’ve had a sore leg all year but my owner still made me fetch this, carry that…and pull …..don’t get me started on that one.My owner said to his wife” I’m fed up  with that donkey, I’m going to sell it.”  He took me to market where a gentle kindly man named Joseph bought me, he was the son of a carpenter and a carpenter himself. He took me home where I had fresh straw to lie on and clean water to drink.

Joseph cupped my ear in his hand and whispered “my wife Mary and I have to go to Bethlehem to be counted for a census, she is with child and……

                        Little donkey you’ll have to carry Mary along a dusty road

                        You’ve got to keep on plodding onward with  your precious load”

I did this,  little did I know it would be the load of my life."




December 18th 

Arrived safely after a short journey from Burns Close. We were a little wary of the family dog but as you can see she was friendly. Stayed by the fire for a while to get warm then moved to the window sill to watch people go by.  Had some lovely home made soup and donkey got some fresh hay.    


December 16th 

Well our visitors arrived at Hart drive safely last night... and this is what they wrote in their diary: "We were were greeted by two very excited small people about to have some sort of cleaning ritual!
Shortly after, they appeared in some sort of sleepwear smelling very pleasant. We were given a cup of tea which we very much needed and the donkey was given fresh water."




December 9th/10th

Their hostess Sally writes: "A photo from our very well behaved guests. What a lovely idea. Alos taking them to their next stop was great"

Friday 5th December/Saturday 6th


Just a very short journey today. We we're very thankful for that as Mary is beginning to get rather tired. It also meant that we arrived and got settled in before the start of the Sabbath.It's now nearly a week since we set off and we've been amazed at the kindness shown by the different families who have been happy to take us into their homes for food, rest and shelter. We have been really grateful, particularly for the shelter as the nights are getting really frosty now.
Last night saw a real heavy frost on the ground as we looked out onto a very white scene this morning before getting ready for the next stage of our journey later today.
The other noticeable thing, as we look out of the windows, is the number of people on the road. This census is really getting everyone on the move. But that brings a different concern: we've been well received in all the villages and hamlets on the way so far, but what will we find when we reach Bethlehem? Will we find anywhere to stay? And will Mary last the pace as her time draws near?'

Tuesday 2nd December

Our journey was very short today across the road to St. Charles Croft. Rested and warm. The people loved our donkey and thankfully saved him from danger when a dog visited barking and jumping at him. Laughing happy children passed by outside with busy parents on their way to school. Joseph and I will soon be busy parents too but a long journey lies ahead. Where will we be tomorrow?

Monday 1st December

We saw children going to school this morning, they stopped, pointed, they seemed suprised to see us watching them from the window. How they smiled - it filled our hearts with sunshine.

Our evening was spent by the fire once more.  Donkey is getting far too used to all this comfort!

Tomorrow we seek a new lodging - our hosts are taking us on a short journey to a kind neighbour who will allow us to rest there for a while.

Sunday 29th November: A young couple and donkey arrive at Briar Cottage to spend the afternoon and evening.

Mary and Joseph and Donkey take a look around the neighbourhood from the front window. Later by the fire Mary is heard to say ' Hope they have a stable for Donkey to sleep in'? A quiet, warm corner was found - it seemed just right for the donkey.



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