Party to Christmas? December 6th and 7th . What a weekend!

What a weekend we had over 6th and 7th December! So much going on across the Woodfield Team of churches. A common theme was thinking about what Christmas means to us, what the fact that Jesus was born in Bethlehem means to us. As the title to the weekend suggests, it was a weekend full of partying. We were however invited to think 'Are we party to Christmas?' 

   There was breakfast at Packington Memorial Hall - the most enormous English breakfast that filled us up for the rest of the day. Canon Mike Harrison started us of by talking about what Christmas means to him.


     To Measham for the launch of the sheep trail. See all the sheep waiting to go on their travels! Thanks to all the members of the Hobbies and Pastimes Group who knitted them for us.


Then it was off to the 12 shops who'd chosen names for them all. Bishop Tim led the way, guiding the sheep with his bishop's crook.


Don't forget to enter the sheep trail competition. The entry from is downloadable from the 'Sheep trail' page on the special 'Latest News' item on this site. And see more photos!

   At the same time, other events were running at Donisthorpe, Swepstone and Appleby. At Donisthorpe, David Newman (the archdeacon) joined with 20 people over Christmas tea and toast for a relaxing time with interesting conversation and comments - again about what Christmas means to us.

     Over lunch at Measham Vicarage (more food with soup and sandwiches), Bishop Tim talked with local parish councillors and farmers about the issues facing our local communities. It was a good and happy time but there was a sense that no-one listens to local voices. So, when it comes nearer to the General Election, we have plans to organize hustings and invite all those who'll be standing to be our MP. The aim? To hear what they have to say in the face of local concerns.

    Afternoon saw children gathering in the Church Hall. For details and photos - click on to 'activities' and read about 'Ready Steady Stick'

    The evening held even more for us. David Newman 'performed' St Mark's Gospel. He knows the whole gospel by heart, and as if that is not enough, he mimes out much of the action.

One member of the audience commented:

"David Newman's enactment of Mark's Gospel was riveting.  The David Cossoff filmed performance we once saw was very good, but not as powerful as the one man performance on Saturday evening.  It was easy to imagine the other characters he was speaking to, without people miming it.  I think the silence when he finished said it all.  It was a while before "chatter" began." 


 Are you exhausted yet?

Sunday saw services in all our churches. More news of those later but see the photos below for the Packington Christingle service with Bishop Tim.  He was interviewed by 2 lads from Packington school, asking him what job he would have done if he wasn't a bishop and how he spent Christmas Day. Bishop Tim talked about how light shines brighter in the darkness, and that that is true in life as often the Light of Christ shines so brightly in dark and difficult times.


And so to Normanton's tea and decorating the Christmas tree event.



 Again, over more food, there was discussion about what Christmas means to us.

If you missed out on all this, then come along to Christmas servcies as we continue to ponder what it does mean to each of us that Jesus was born 2000 years ago.


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