Bishop Martyn's arrival


Bishop of Leicester

   Bishop Martyn stands at the start of his work as Bishop of Leicester. To hear him speaking on video, go  to                                             

                               Welcome Bishop Martyn

   Bishop Martyn's service of welcome and enthronement took place on Saturday 14th May. The cathedral was full for the occasion, but we didn't stay inside for the whole service. For the second half of the servcie we spilled out into the cathedral gardens for the sermon by our new bishop, for the prayers led by children and fot the last couple of hymns. We were blessed with sun as we stayed on for food and for time to meet others.

   The theme of Bishop Martyn's sermon? Well, he must have come to our Team weekend - he wants to see lots of parties and lots of prayer around the diocese. Sue Boothroyd was at the service and writes:

"I was fortunate to be able to attend the above service.  As we entered the gardens of Leicestershire Cathedral the sun shone and the bells rang out loudly. There was a definite feeling of an occasion, something special about to happen. Once in the Cathedral we were shown to our seats.  There was a large video screen and good views of some of the main alter. We waited in anticipation. 

The service began with an opening hymn and then the Bishop knocked at the Cathedral doors and entered with two children.  The Dean invited the Bishop inside and welcomed him.  The service progressed with formalities, prayers and hymns, the choir was a delight.  We were then invited to join the Bishop, clergy and other parishioners outside to the Cathedral gardens, to conclude the service.  As we walked out singing “we are marching in the light of God” (love of God, power of God) the sun shone and it was a very moving experience, an anticipation of something new and exciting.

Bishop Martyn gave a short sermon saying he wanted more prayer and party as a way to communicate.  (Vivien is convinced he had heard of our team weekend of Prayer and Party and wants to claim copy rights)

Children then led us in prayer, with prayers written by children.  Most prayed for peace, good family relations and friends, whilst others prayed for good video games and that God gave Bishop Martyn the skills to remember everyone’s names.  They also prayed for Bishop Martyn’s family and to give him strength to do his job well.

The afternoon finished with, yes, a party- good food, drink and good company.What a wonderful afternoon! Thank you Lord "

   The bishop will be visiting as much of the diocese as he can for the rest of this year. He will be with us in the Woodfield Team on Sunday November 20th. He will be in the deanery between September 26th and 28th - visiting all the clergy, having meetings with all licensed ministers, with deanery synod and churchwardens.

 So we will have a chance to get to know him.

Please pray for him in these early days of his time here.

here are some photos from his welcome service:







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