Thykingdomcome: creative ways to pray at St Laurence's


St. Laurence's Church in Measham is open each day so that anyone can come in for a time of quietness and prayer.

As part of Thy Kingdom Come, we have special 'stations' to help us pray in different ways. And each has a fun activity for all ages.

The first station reminds that God is a God of Light. The light that shone at God’s command at the start of creation is the same light that shines today, transforming lives.

The second station speaks to us of Shining Son Jesus. Light shone out from his death and resurrection.

'Shine in my family and friends': an encouragement to pray for people in our families and friendship groups.

And the last station is a place to pray that God's light will shine in my neighbourhood, country and world.

Come and try these ways of praying and may you know God's blessing and light.

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