Mary and Joseph's journey


December 2nd

Ben and Rosie were very interested in where the baby Jesus is and looked for him. Ben has made personalised sleeping mats for Mary, Joseph and the donkey. Mary and Joseph helped Ben and Rosie play trains.

December 7th

Mary and Joseph were delayed on the road which must have happened back in the days before Jesus' birth as well. Since being with us the couple have taken the opportunity to relax, resting on the packing boxes. Donkey however has been entertaining himself with the bubble-wrap , pop,pop pop!
Well soon, Mary, Joseph and Donkey must continue their journey and we send our prayers with them on their way.
December 8th
Mary,Joseph and the donkey came for an over night stay with us, I showed them around our home so they could see where they would be resting and sleeping. Beauty my wife was in the kitchen cooking  a traditional Zimbabwe dinner of Sadza beef and cabbage which they would enjoy for their tea and a carrot for the donkey. In the evening as we sat and chatted there was a sound of jingle bells and carols being sung. It was the rotary club with Santa Claus on his sleigh. I took Mary and Joseph and the donkey to see him: "this is the holy couple who is visiting us from St Laurence Church. Mary gave birth to the son of God for whom Xmas is all about." We prayed with Santa; he was most humble and overcome with  joy at meeting Mary and Joseph. "All these years going around the district celebrating and this is the first time the holy couple has called on my sleigh. This evening I would never forget the experience and the visitation will last a life time"

    Mary & Joseph was ordained to be with us on this day and evening by the Lord for us all to go see Santa Claus and give love and prayers for the work he does.  

         When we went to bed, the holy couple and the donkey would sleep under the picture of their grown up son healing the blind man so he could  look down over his parents. In the morning we said a prayer and had breakfast. Later they watched us put up the xmas tree with angels and the fairy lights before they went on their travels to visit there next home 


December 9th

Here is Joseph reading the book from Ready Steady Stick to Mary. Roaring fire to keep them warm and Santa looking on.


December 12th

A nice warm place to sleep after a treacherous journey from the other end of the village. We were given some hot soup and donkey had some of Daisy's carrots.


December 18th

Mary Joseph and the Donkey completed their 25 mile (sorry - metre) journey this morning on a frosty foggy day.  The first thing they thought was that they had arrived at the stable already.  Mary said, "There's no furniture here ! It's like a stable !"  Joseph said, " A stable with central heating and carpet !"
The donkey just brayed, because he knew what a stable was really like.
Anyway, having been shown their fully furnished first floor bedroom, they were really happy, and all sat at the window, looking at the view outside. Mary said, " This is what I always wanted.  A room with a view!" Joseph said, " Make the most of it - we're moving on soon."  The Donkey just brayed.
People arrived outside and saw Mary Joseph and the Donkey in the room, and took photos.
December 19th
So we arrived at Hart Drive earlier than expected  late Monday evening as our previous hosts had to make their long journey before the weather turned! We were welcomed by two small children who were excited to meet us. We also met their funny little elf who that night jumped on the donkey’s back.
We spent Wednesday with the two small children who also took us for a dental check. The dentist and the children checked our teeth and told us we had super gnashers before taking us to their school to meet their class friends and sharing the exciting news of our son! 
We were then taken to our next hosts after we said our goodbyes. What a lovely time we had



December 20th

Isabelle and Emily with Mary and Jospeh on their adventure at Mini Explorers forest school Christmas special.



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