Remaining together in Prayer

      It's beginning to feel, that, in this country at least, progress has been made in regard to limiting the effects of Coronavirus. Certainly, as regards life at church, we are open again, albeit we are not opening every church every Sunday at present. However church magazines are now up and running again so hopefully you can keep track of what is happening where, even when you have no access to the church websites. If you don’t get a magazine and would like one, then let us know.

  In addition, for now, we continue to record services to be viewed at home and have Zoom services twice a month. This will be reviewed as time goes by as it is a big demand to both record services and do services in churches, alongside more weddings and christenings.

     In many ways, we are still not sure exactly what the road ahead will look like. Various things will change with each stage of the government’s 4 step plan but we do not know what regimes we will still have to observe as regards sanitising the buildings, mask wearing and so forth. Time will tell no doubt. However, we are starting to hold weddings and christenings again, as well as funerals which have never been off the agenda.

   That said, it is so important that we stay as Church Together. So here is the next quarter’s list of readings /content/pages/documents/coronavirus-daily-readings-march-july-21.docx which you might like to use in your own time of prayer. Do join in Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer (9am and 5pm) at home. If it would help to have a set form of prayers, they can be found here for morning prayer  /content/pages/documents/1588165657.pdf  and /content/pages/documents/1588165683.docx for evening prayer

    Above all, let us seek to be those who together follow as faithfully as we can in the steps of the risen Lord Jesus; let us learn how better to serve Him and His world in the world as it is today. Above all let us share the love and life of Jesus with all whom we have contact.

       As I have said before, if you need practical help, or simply a chat, then let us know. If you need to speak to us, do ring. It’s so much easier if you make contact rather than us having to guess you need to talk.  In all of this, I pray that we may all know God with us. May we see God’s blessing and know his comfort but also his challenge to us.

Vivien Elphick (April 2021)