Vicar's View: August 1st 2021




    Brixham life boat


I’m always inspired by what people say about creation and nature.  When you look about at the natural world what takes your breath away?

     Albert Einstein said ‘look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’.  Robert Louis Stevenson said ‘don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap , but by the seed that you plant.’

    Debs and I have just come back from our holiday in Cornwall, and we were  fortunate to do lots of coastal walks, feeling the sea breeze in our face and getting the smell from the sea; hearing the waves crashing against the rocks certainly clears the mind. I was brought up by the sea and it has always made me take a deep breath when I see it.

   When I was little, I would sit watching the trawlers coming in and out of Brixham Harbour where I was born, sitting by the Golden Hind and the statue of William of Orange. I think if I hadn’t joined the military, I would have been a trawlerman or a farmer.

   But although the sea looks beautiful and calming it can be wild and untamed, dangerous, and powerful.  I have learnt over the years to respect the sea.  I have a family connection to the previous coxswain of the Weymouth lifeboat, ChrisTett, I don’t know what connection, but my surname is a good old Weymouth name as my Dad was born there. I have always admired the bravery of the lifeboat crews, putting themselves in danger to help others in distress.

  When I look at the sea and its power, I’m reminded of Jesus calming  the storm;  the disciples, even though some of them were fishermen, were still frightened.  All I can say is it must have been some storm.

We often face storms in our lives whether they are physical or spiritual and the  struggles in  life can be overwhelming. As Christians we have a hope in Jesus as our saviour even when the storm rages around us. As we face the future together God will equip and sustain us always.

I hope some of you will or have been on a break to refresh and lift you up.


Revd Rick Tett