Learning more about your local church

Learning more about the local church

Heritage Open Days at St Laurence Measham: September 6th-9th

St Laurence's is the iconic image for Measham. Its photo is there in many different arenas. It's easy to leave it as a recognisable exterior that it is, and not realise it's a hidden gem inside, waiting for you to explore.

And we had visitors who came to explore and took part in our guided tours.


Learning about the east window                                    Comparing the church from the 1800s with now


Learnign more about the church

If you didn't make it on 8th September, keep an eye out - there will be many more chances to come and learn. But the church is open in the day time if you want to make a visit on your own and wander round.

For more photos of the Heritage Open Day, go tohttp://www.stlaurencechurchmeasham.org.uk/photos/gallery.php?gallery_id=20&pg=1#




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