Adam's Ale Challenge

Adam's Ale challenge

  What would make someone take on the challenge of drinking nothing but water for a whole 40 days? It's what Adam, a member of Donisthorpe Church, has taken on to raise much needed funds for the organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide.   Will you sponsor him? Read on.....

       CSW are an organisation that works to defend, uphold and promote the right to freedom of religion or belief in over 20 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Through their advocacy, they challenge world leaders to fulfil their duty to protect religious freedom and challenge the policies and practices that enable these rights to be violated. They also train people in the countries that they work in to document freedom of religion or belief for themselves so they can raise these issues. Their vision is a world free from religious persecution, where everyone can practise a religion or belief of their choice. Go to to read more about their work

   Adam says: "CSW were formed in 1979 and so this year is there 40th anniversary. To help celebrate this milestone in their history, I have decided to undertake a fundraising event to aid them in the continuing of their important work. So, what is this event? From the 14th October until the 22nd November, a period of 40 days, I shall be drinking nothing other than plain water. To avoid any confusion, I will still be eating as normal (I am not that crazy) but drinking will not include anything other than water i.e. no beer, spirits, wine (including communion wine), squash or other flavoured waters or pop. I have called this challenge Adam’s Ale Challenge.

I hope you feel able to support me in this challenge either financially, morally, through prayer or a combination of all 3. If you would like to contribute financially I have set up a fundraising webpage on the link to which is or there are sponsorship forms at the back of Churches in the Woodfield team.

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