Christingle 2019


Christingle 2019


Following recent tradition, the Christingle service was held at 4pm on Christmas Eve, this year without the scaffolding which had stood in the church in 2018. The Christingles had been put together earlier that day and extra seating laid out around the church. Visitors started to arrive just after 3pm, before the church had been fully set up, but this gave us a good idea that, as in previous years, we would have a full church. Sure enough, by 4o'clock there were over 400 people in the church with very few empty chairs.

a full church enjoys the service

We sang carols, Vivien and Wilma spoke of some of the important things about Christmas such as presents and chocolates, but emphasised that Christmas was also the time to celebrate the coming of Christ and then it was time to give out the Christingles - oranges to represent the world with a red ribbon to illustrate Jesus' love holding evryone together and candles to show the light that He brought into the world. About 140 Christingles were given to the children with many adults also eager to take one as well. The candles were lighted and the church lights switched off as we sang 'Away in a Manger' - always a 'magic' moment in the church's calendar.

A truly great start to Christmas and over £400 was collected for the Children's Society.




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