Message from Dean and Smedley

  I know it's a very uncertain time for all at the minute with Coronavirus, but I would urge all to pull together to look after the vulnerable, neighbours, friends and family. As a Community Pharmacist we are getting so many calls daily from patients panicking about their medication and it is scary how many have no one out there to help them or keep an eye out for them, whether it be shopping or medicines. If we had to deliver to every vulnerable patient (who are not just over 70 years of age, but heart, lung and other conditions) then we have no chance of coping. Therefore if anyone is free to help collect medication for friends or neighbours then please do, obviously checking you have their permission and know their full name and address. Some of our locals who are free are offering to help our delivery drivers too, which is a real sign of great community spirit and hopefully during such a hard time then people will pull together and see the best in all. Supermarkets and local shops will need delivery drivers for shopping, and stocking up shelves. Speak to local churches, community centres, homeless charities and see what you can do. If everyone remains sensible then stock of food, medication should be maintained.   I am going to all residents in my road today and giving my number and asking if they would mind me taking their name and number and we can all share with each other to keep an eye out for each other.  Do what you can and this is only a small number of ideas that I can think of and am sure many others are already doing this and can think of much more. Obviously be sensible and never put yourself or others at risk of infection with hand washing and safe distancing. Keep eating well, moving, drink plenty of water and not to get overtaken by the media or negative news and thoughts, share positive thoughts and news so maintaining good physical and mental well-being. 

Thank you for your time
Dean and Smedley

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