Here's Suzanne's story

Meet Suzanne, a member of St Laurence Church

This is her story:

The Day God showed up: This is not my story but his. I am another saved person in his story of life and love for me and everyone. Who would have thought my finding God would begin at a neighbour’s funeral?

As a child I had attended Sunday School; and later as a teenager until seventeen, I went purely to ensure I could attend the Church Youth Club. Then the big wide world beckoned me and God was placed well and truly on the back burner.     

On entering the Church for the funeral service I experienced an overwhelming feeling of being embraced in loving arms almost like a homecoming for someone who had been away for eons. It was so powerful. Those greeting the mourners sensed something was happening to me and I was invited to a “Back to Church Sunday” service to take place some weeks hence.   I knew I would attend and have subsequently become an active Church member.

You will have guessed by now those loving arms were those of my loving God.  I was confirmed in my own Church and the Bishop’s words still ring in my ears. “God has called you by name and made you his own”. How could I have ever doubted his existence? He had been by my side carrying me in the most difficult situations but he wanted me to make my own conscious decision to choose him. Patiently waiting for me to open the door and let him in.

I have been shown how special I am to him having lived a life like a bottle in the sea going with whatever current carried me without plan or purpose. Now there is a definite plan unfolding every day- the plan God has for me. I find it hard to accept unconditional love, forgiveness and grace, but am getting there have progressing from faith to trust putting my life in his hands. 

How have I changed? I have changed from the inside, not being controlled from the outside; trusting in the sacrifice of Christ for the forgiveness of sin and his unending love. My heart has been changed by his presence in my life. It does not mean I am required to go to Church, 

follow the Bible’s teaching, be a “good Christian”, forgive people who have hurt me, reconcile fractured relationships- no, I now desire to do these things because I have encountered the true loving God and undergone a change of heart and soul. A desire to have fellowship with him and bring glory to him for the rest of my life. He has and is transforming the deepest part of my character; that is the greatest evidence I can offer.


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