A look back in time (1)

Measham and Saint Laurence Church in the past

As we look forward to a gradual move out of lockdown, whenever that happens and whatever shape it takes, let's take some time - and we do seem to have much more time at the moment - to look back a few decades to see what changes there have been over that time. If you can add any information about any of the photos, please Email churchwarden Brian on 'stlaurencewarden@gmail.com'  

Firstly, we can recognise the church, but what differences can you spot?

the church tower

Do you know when this might have been, with all these bushes in front of the church and the metal railings? When was the wall, constructed with Measham 'jumb' bricks, put up?

Next, what was this huge building, occupying what is now the front lawn of the church?

the old vicarage

Of course, this was the old Vicarage, demolished in the 1960s. Many of Saint Laurence's former vicars would have lived here with their families, notably the Hewitsons with their 8 children. There are also stories of how, at some point in the past, parts of the house were let out.

old vicarage and church

Here, you can see how the vicarage and church occupied the land next to each other. In the church today there is a cross made out of some of the nails recovered from the old vicarage.

And who might these gentleman be, clearly on an organised photo by the front corner of the church?

handbell ringers at the south-west corner

If you look at their feet, you can see the church's set of handbells. But when might this have been taken? Do you recognise anyone? It was taken circa 1932 and they are Enoch Wood, Eli Law, G. Verey, Percy Wood, Len Bradwell (standing) and Ron Wileman, C. Verey, A.J, Moore (seated).

And here is another group of bellringers from 1932.

bellringers circa 1932

On the left is Revd J.R. King, then from the left Herbert Dennis, Arthur Haynes, Jim Haynes, Jack Dennis, Ernest Williamson and George Ridgway. Some very well known Measham families represented here.

And the ladies are there too, also from about 1932.

and a group of ladies

We know their names, but do you know which group they belonged to. Here we see Sarah Turner, Mrs Evans, Diana Moore, Mrs Lizzie Richards Mrs Rene Camp (standing) and Mrs Francis, Mrs Bridge, Revd Day, Mrs Day, Dora Dennis (seated). Did you know any of them?

Sunday School Teachers ca. 1930

Finally, here we have the Sunday School teachers fromthe same time, with the Revd Collis and Revd. Allison.

Look out for the next instalment which will look at some of the village's past.

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