Visit the church without leaving home

church building in springMissing Church? 

Becoming bored with little to do and nowhere to go?

Here's an opportunity to visit the church from the comfort of your own armchair, maybe while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee with, if you are able to get any, one of your favourite biscuits.


Remember this building? Use the links below to step inside.

Follow this link to take a walk around the church, looking at the stained glass windows. At St. Laurence's we are proud of our windows, especially since the recent restoration which has secured them in the stonework. The windows now gleam as they haven't done for many years. In the windows are many stories - stories from the Bible, pictures of some of the saints, images of some people from the past closely connected to our village. There are even windows which invite you to  put your own interpretation on the patterns of glass. Which is your favourite?

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And there's more! Following this link will lead you to some video clips about some church features, including the bells and some information about the history of the church.

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