A look back in time (2)

This week moves to Measham's past, and not exclusively the church, again looking at some photographs of past events and scenes, which show that people and festivals have played a big part in village life.

Firstly, we have this Sunday School group, taken in about 1951.

a Sunday School group 1951

Taken by the wall of the old vicarage, can you recognise anyone? The church often featured in village festivals, as this picture of the Church Parade illustrates.

Dating from 1914, this photo looks along Bosworth Road and shows the crowds gathering for the parade. There was also an annual 'Infirmary Parade' in the village.

I'm sure you can recognise the Chemist's and neighbouring properties in this picture from 1906. But where was the infirmary in Measham?

This photo from 1914 also shows people gathering for the 'Infirmary Parade', this time at the bottom of the High Street, or possibly Tamworth Road. In these old pictures it is interesting to note the differences in people's clothes, The two 1914 photos are also poignant as many of the men would soon have been off to the war, some never to return. The War Memorial in Bosworth Road is well-known, but did you know that, in the church, there is a rare, hand-written Role of Honour of all who served in World War 1 as well as a Memorial to the fallen.

Again, if you can share any details or names, or have similar photographs, please contact stlaurencewarden@gmail.com .

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