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Stonework and Glazing Project

February Newsletter

February has seen further progress with the windows, the porch and, towards the end of the month, the tower.

The scaffolding has been removed from the North Wall, allowing us to admire the full range and beauty of the colours.  A wooden plinth below the window has been removed to reveal a sloping ledge of good quality stone.

stained glass window in the north aisle

It is believed that the glass in this window came from the East windows during the installation of the more modern windows. The glass itself is probably early Victorian. When it was moved, the original patterns and designs were lost, so we are left with a fairly random display, which lets us make up our own mind about what it represents – ‘an early form of modern abstract art’ perhaps.

The same applies to the central window in the south aisle, which was also completed in February, although the scaffolding outside the church is still in place. Again, seemingly random patterns remain waiting for our own interpretation. The colours in both these windows are very vivid and, once the scaffolding goes from the south side, will allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the church.

stained glass in one window in the south aisleFurther windows are due to be completed in March, so a visit will be well worthwhile. These will include the ‘Willesley Glass’ being inserted into one of the windows in the south aisle. If you are interested in the fine arts, keep your eyes open to see what’s happening. It is intriguing to see the skills involved, even in simple matters such as cleaning such fine glass. Visitors are welcome, but please try not to get in the way. You can usually get up to date information about the works by getting in touch with me.

New stonework is also visible both inside and at the front of the porch, along with new pointing. Be aware, however, that the project was not a complete ‘rebuild’, but to preserve old stonework wherever possible.

We were also pleased to receive a large delivery of stone this week for the work on the tower to start in earnest. The next newsletter should contain some photographs of that work.

Our Project is not only concerned with restoration, however. Behind the scenes research and planning have been ongoing – with both a fresh look to our website and a new church guide in progress. These will become available after the stonework has been completed with an Open Day planned for 11th May.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions about the Project, or would like to come and look round. We can still get into the church to see the work that has been done.

Brian Abraham


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