Re-opening of St Laurence Church Hall



   As from September 7th, the church hall will be re-opening for regular hirers only. We need to feel our way forward on this.  We want to ensure that the building is safe for people. It has been a considerable financial outlay for us to buy in all the 'kit' needed in the Covid-19 scenario, and there will be increased costs for us going on. However it is important to us that people can start to resume a more normal way of life and we have alwasys wanted this hall to be a hall for the community. To achieve what has to be achieved will be a joint effort by us and those running the various groups. The 'usual' rules apply to the use of face mask and social distancing and sanitising.

Our full risk assessment is here /content/pages/documents/1599215686.docx.

Here are the special conditions for hirers /content/pages/documents/1599215739.docx (hirers all have to produce their own risk assessments as well) and the treatment plan in the event of someone being poorly /content/pages/documents/1599216184.docx

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